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Ev. Trinity Lutheran Church
117 Chace St.
Clinton, MA 01510
(978) 365-6888
Pastor Paul Gramit
1st Sunday after Labor Day - June
8:45 am Sunday School & Bible Study
10:00am Sunday Worship

July through Labor Day weekend
9:30 am Sunday Worship
(Sunday School and Bible Study are on recess Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend)

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Our 100th Anniversary is Coming!

In just three years, Ev. Trinity Lutheran Church will mark its 100th anniversary! 2015 will be a time for not just celebration, but activity, mission, and a bold entry into our second century!

Members of ETLC, your help is needed! We are in the process of forming a 100th anniversary committee. There's much to do -- planning, engaging fellow family members, publicity, community outreach, etc. -- but many hands make the work light, and enjoyable! Service on the committee will be a blessing for all involved! Please speak with Pastor Gramit if interested.

"Choose Life" License Tag -- Now Is a Crucial Time!

You've heard much about the "Choose Life" license tags now available at the Massachusetts RMV. The funds raised through these tags over and above the standard license fees, manufacturing expenses, etc. will benefit prolife resources and resource providers which do not provide, nor counsel in, abortion. Our own local First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center is one such recipient! Also, what a great way to confess our position and to do so in an "official" manner! (as opposed to a mere bumper sticker).

Yes, these tags do get noticed as well. Take it from Connie and me.

As I've often said, if you have a special license tag with whatever priority of an appeal, such as another special cause, a green letter tag, or even a red letter tag with a number you've had for so long, it's almost like your own personal ID, I understand completely, and your tag is not the one I'd suggest swapping out for a "Choose Life" tag. I myself would hang on to a legible green letter tag, for instance. But, if your "tag situation" is like most of ours -- and, most of ours is! -- please consider how you can make a difference in this way.

As of earlier this year, approximately 600 additional sets of "Choose Life" tags were needed to be not just arranged, but activated; since then, the number has dropped to just below 500 (according to the www.machoose-life.org website). There is an issue involving the bond which got the program started. We're hardly out of the woods yet! The RMV expects satisfaction to be made by June 30, 2012! This information was included in the bulletins Easter Sunday.

Please consider -- as my personal appeal to you as well -- how an additional $40 per two years can make a huge difference, for life! (Other fees apply also for manufacture and swap fees for existing tags. Details may be found at www.machoose-life.org )



  • 2010 November Newsletter
  • It's not to late to join us for Sunday School and/or Bible Study @ 8:45am each Sunday
    Please come and join us, no reservation required!

    Sunday School and Bible Class Teachers
    Sunday School Superintendent - Rick Waller
    Elementary Administrator - Cordie Mueller
    Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st& 2nd Grade - Kathy Waller
    3rd-5th Grade - Cordie Mueller
    6th-8th Grade - Dave Terry
    9th-12th Grade - Rick Waller
    Adult Class - Paul Martin and Pastor Gramit

  • 2010 June Newsletter
  • Link Page updated with: Book of Concord - The Confessions of the Lutheran Church

  • Use GoodSearch.com like any other search engine. Each time you do, one cent is
    generated for the group that you designate (Such as Lutheran Hour Ministries or LWML).

Worship Times:
September (after Labor Day) - June
July, August, and Labor Day Weekend
8:45am - Sunday School and Bible Study 9:30am - Sunday Worship
10:00am - Sunday Worship

Worship on Special Observances
Ash Wednesday Confessional Service (Holy Communion), 7:00 PM
The five Wednesdays in Lent, between Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday, 7:00 PM
Maundy Thursday Confessional Service (Holy Communion), 7:00 PM
Good Friday Tenebrae, 7:00 PM
Thanksgiving Eve (Holy Communion), 7:00 PM
Wednesdays in Advent (three or four annually depending on the calendar), 7:00 PM
Christmas Eve, 7:00 PM
Christmas Day (Holy Communion), 10:00 AM
New Year's Eve (Holy Communion), 7:00 PM

Worship opportunities on these special occasions are verified in the Sunday bulletins and/or announcements prior to the services in question. Please contact our church office
at (978) 365-6888 with any questions or if you wish to confirm.

Holy Communion (click for more information) is celebrated on the following occasions:
The first Sunday of each month
The third Sunday of each month
The fifth Sunday of each month
Major feasts of the Church Year: Easter, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Christmas Day
Festivals: Reformation (last Sunday in October) and All Saints (first Sunday in November)
Every Sunday during Lent
On any other Sunday when the specific occasion warrants
(e.g. Confirmation Sunday when on a Sunday when Communion would not have otherwise
been celebrated)
On other occasions specifically indicated in the Worship on Special Observances list above.

Evangelical Trinity Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Standing within the heritage of the 16th Century Lutheran Reformation, grounded in the Holy Scriptures, we believe, teach, and confess the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the pure Word of God as it is faithfully confessed in the Book of Concord, 1580. We preach Jesus Christ, true God and man, crucified for our sins, risen from the dead, the only Way to heaven. We are evangelical, stressing the Gospel of justification by grace through faith alone, but also catholic, that is, our faith is one with the ancient Christian Church. With the ancient Church and the Lutheran Reformation we believe that Christians must be concerned about what we believe as well as how we live. There can be no pious life without pure doctrine.